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A former stronghold, the Mulnière farm is best known for its famous pattéed cross.

Address : Chemin des Gîtes de la Corde
Au croisement du Chemin de la Mulnière

Presentation of: LA CROIX DE LA MULNIERE

This cross stands on the very spot where, during the Revolution, Republican troops executed Mr and Mrs de Buor. But until the turn of the century, it was more specifically the Fontaine de lademoiselle, located in the meadow of the same name, that drew the locals here. Its water was said to have the power to cure certain illnesses. Unfortunately, tradition no longer remembers which ones... Perhaps fevers? In the past, epidemic diseases such as malaria and typhoid were not uncommon. They were most common in marshy areas or near ports. In Brem, we had both... In 1785, 48 people perished in the space of a few weeks in a terrible epidemic.
But who was this mysterious "demoiselle" from La Mulnière? Ancient Vendée legends claim that the name was a reminder of the fairies... Be that as it may, the writer Edmond Bocquier, in his Dictionnaire Topographique de la Vendée, listed no less than four localities in our commune alone that bore the name "la demoiselle". Which between us proves at least one good thing: when it came to choosing their "residence", these ladies had rather good taste...
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