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At La Mothe-Achard, the covered market has occupied the central square of the town since the Middle Ages.

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This small Baltard-style pavilion, built in 1924, replaced the old wooden halls dating from the early 19th century, which had been renovated several times following fires.
It was designed by the architect Joseph Libaudière, who also worked on a number of buildings in the surrounding area.
The façade bears the coat of arms of the former commune of La Mothe-Achard (now known as "Les Achards"): a silver lion on a blue background crossed by a double horizontal red bar. The motto "Ex Virtute Nobilitas": "Nobility through virtue" reminds us that it is courage that gives nobility.
The construction of these covered market halls is part of a great tradition at La Mothe-Achard. As far back as the Middle Ages, fairs existed in La Mothe, generating considerable income for the local lord. Even today, the La Mothe fair takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month and brings together the inhabitants of the canton.

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A bell in the little skylight on the roof used to ring the opening hour of the market.
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