5 magical experiences at the Puy du Fou

5 magical experiences at the Puy du Fou - Must-visits - Vendée

Puy-du-Fou-Le Signe du Triomphe
Puy-du-Fou-Le Dernier Panache
Puy-du-Fou-La Cité Médiévale

Prepare to be amazed as you (re)discover the Puy du Fou, given an Applause Award in 2014 for the world's best theme park! To guide your visit, here's a little selection of 5 unmissable or innovative creations...

Le Dernier Panache - Discover the adventures of the hero Charrette at 360°

In the Théâtre des Géants, take your place on a large grandstand that turns 360°, located in the centre of a 100-metre wide circular stage, which fully surrounds it and is home to the show Le Dernier Panache. This tells the story of the adventures of French naval officer Charrette, from the American War of Independence to the French Revolution. The tableaux vivants that appear as you move combine real sets occupied by forty actors with ultra-high definition video-projection techniques

La Cité Médiévale - Encounter craftsmen from the past

Explore the winding little streets of the Cité Médiévale, one of the park's recreated villages, which brings back little houses with wattle and daub walls, a tavern, a chapel decorated with frescoes and craftsmen's shops showcasing ancestral expertise. Visit the stone sculptor, the master glass-blower or the "talmelier", now known as the baker, who prepares his traditional bread before your very eyes in an ancient wood kneading trough!

Les Amoureux de Verdun - In a trench with the "Poilus" soldiers from the Great War

Watch out for shrapnel... The Les Amoureux de Verdun show, awarded world's best creation in 2016 at the Thea Awards, plunges you into a trench during the First World War. Once inside, you'll be wedged between soldiers played by actors, clouds of dust and the shuddering impact of the combat. From the distribution of post to the drudgery of soup, as well as the nurse rushing to the aid of the wounded, nothing has been overlooked. The love story between a "Poilu" soldier and his fiancée form the backdrop to the tour

Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine - The Fables of the famous poet come alive!

The Fables by La Fontaine materialise miraculously before your eyes in this wonderful garden that's home of a total of 200 varieties of wild plants, whether medicinal or used in witchcraft! At the start of the tour, visitors are welcomed by the stone statue representing the wordsmith. This comes alive, to everyone's amazement... The circuit continues in the botanical setting, on a discovery of scenes that seem astonishingly real and include animals or robotic objects.

La Cinéscénie - A light show performed by drones

Watch the Cinéscénie, the world's greatest night-time show that now includes the amazing feats of the very first fleet of synchronised drones! During the two-hour blockbuster, which sees almost 1,500 actors tell the tale of a family from the Vendée from the Middle Ages to the Second World War, the famous Neopters carry decorative lights through the air with breathtaking choreography.


Other things to discover...

The Puy du Fou has plenty of other surprises in store! These include Le Signe du Triomphe, which takes you to the Roman arenas, recreated to full-scale, to watch the Circus Games and see real gladiators face off against one another. Nearby, Les Vikings offers impressive action scenes, one of which is especially amazing and features a longboat with warriors literally emerging from the water. Le Bal des Oiseaux puts on an astonishing show with falcons, vultures and kites flying just above the audience, while La Renaissance du Château takes you into a majestic haunted house, with inhabited wardrobes, disturbing mirrors and moving paintings. Also discover Le Secret de la Lance, which recreates the adventures of the knights, Les Mousquetaires de Richelieu, which celebrates all that is cloak and dagger, or the spectacular night-time symphony of the Orgues du Feu.

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