A visit to Thierry Michon, star winemaker!


In the Vendée, enter the caves of a winemaker with a worldwide reputation, discover his secrets and stock up on his bottles, found on the world's best tables! An escapade in the Île d'Olonne in Thierry Michon's incredible Domaine Saint-Nicolas...

Exceptional wines in the Pays de Brem!

In Denmark there is a legendary restaurant that has been awarded the title of the world's best restaurant four times. Noma takes culinary excellence to new levels and, amazingly, serves its delicate dishes with bottles unearthed in a small corner of the Vendée! A place blessed by the gods, nestled at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean, the forest and old salt marshes. The location of Thierry Michon's Domaine Saint-Nicolas, combined with the sunny weather and rich soils, creates an incredibly structured wine that boats striking minerality, purity and elegance, with an astonishing salty note on the finish for the whites.

A winemaker who became a master of biodynamics

This Brem wine owes a great deal to the dedicated work of the owner. As a true Bacchanalian connoisseur, Michon swears only by biodynamics, a farming method that – as well as eschewing chemical components – uses preparations made from natural elements, works according to the lunar cycle and extols the use of draft horses. Perfectly managed vinification completes this intricate work.

Buy directly from Domaine Saint-Nicolas

The divine nectar is now exported to some sixty Michelin-starred restaurants, with buyers even coming from Japan, the United States or Nordic countries/ As a result, when visiting the estate tourists can be among the lucky few and treat themselves to one of the crus beloved by the greatest chefs, for between 12 and 22 euros. Utter class.

Make a stopover at Domaine Saint-Nicolas