Super-natural outings in Sables d'Olonne

What to do in Les Sables d'Olonne? - 4 Natural ideas - Vendée, France

Ecozoo des Sables d'Olonne
Pêche en kayak de mer
Marais salants Les Salines
Le Kifanlo, sortie pêche en mer

Discover the unique spaces of a zoo like no other, unearth the secrets of making "white gold", go fishing in a kayak or set sail with fisherman on a real fishing boat! Sables d'Olonne offers an amazing range of nature-based adventures...

Look at the incredible species at the Ecozoo

Giant ant-eaters, maned wolves, king vultures, white-handed gibbons, great green macaws, red pandas and even Atlas lions, a sub-species believed to be extinct in the wild. As well as being resolutely committed to preserving local biodiversity, the Ecozoo des Sables d'Olonne helps to protect exotic species. The 7.4-acre island of greenery also features endangered species, often not widely represented at other zoos, within its abundant vegetation.

Discover kayak fishing with an enthusiast

Don't be surprised if, having gently glided across the water alongside you in a kayak and taught you how to hook a beautiful sea bass with its silvery scales, Nicolas Huguet asks you to let your catch go. This enthusiast promotes fishing that is respectful of nature. Never stingy with his advice, he will teach you other techniques for catching mackerel, wrasse or small tuna. An approach that is unusual, fun and environmentally friendly all at once!

Discover the secrets of "white gold"

How about discovering the secrets of salt production? Les Salines takes you on a two-hour expedition that begins with a boat trip through the marshes aboard the Mireille et Jonathan. After docking at the Parc d'Aventure du Sel, where visitors watch a salt merchant show, there's a circuit filled with games and discoveries that tell the story of the famous product through the ages. Remember that children can also have a go at harvesting salt and leave with their own little bag!

Set sail with sea fishermen on an authentic fishing boat

Have you ever tried to imagine the daily life of a sea fisherman? During a 2.5-hour trip out to sea, the Kifanlo, a large 1950's fishing boat classed as a historical monument, will help you learn about old-fashioned fishing techniques. You'll watch the net being put into the water, the fish being hauled up, emptying, sorting, gutting and cleaning. With a bit of luck, you might even leave with a small catch...

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