Unusual experiences in amazing cellars!

Une des Caves EtonNantes du Vignoble nantais
Une découverte originale du vignoble de Nantes
Dégustation dans une des Caves EtonNantes

How do you fancy enjoying a secret dinner in a winemaker's cellars? What about a harvest workshop as a family? Or perhaps a treasure hunt with a picnic on a winemaking estate? Programmed from June to October, Les Caves étonNantes offer original ways to discover their sun-drenched vineyard to the south of Nantes.

Hunting for hidden bottles

We bet you've never had a go at this before. A walk on the search for bottles hidden among the vines, which you can taste once you've found them! To top it all off, at lunch time the winemakers arrive for the ultimate country picnic, with chequered tablecloths and baskets full of regional delicacies. The Bacchanalian treasure hunt then continues and finishes with a tour of the cellars with the winemakers from Domaine Poiron Dabin, which organises this unique experience.

Take part in the harvest!

A total of fifteen growers in the south of Nantes are part of Caves étonNantes, such as the Château du Coing, which invites visitors to access its site by water from Vertou aboard the Gratitude speedboat. Château-Thébaud, meanwhile, allows you to get your boots on to take part in the harvest and taste the very first-pressed juice, with the Fromenteau estate offering a similar experience for families, with grape juice making, teatime and a tour of the cellars for little ones.

A meal grilled over vine shoots

Château de la Cassemichère offers a high-tech option with touch-screen tablets and interactive panels that allow visitors to discover the history of the site, while Domaine Petiteau invites us to climb up into its belvedere with its panoramic view over the estate, as well as to taste its wines during a meal grilled over vine shoots. There's another gourmet option at Domaine Menard Gaborit, where the winemaker shows off her cooking talents at several evening events, while Joël and Florence Forgeau invite us to a dinner with wine and cheese. Cheers!



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