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About 7 meters high when it was built in 1857, the Arzelier mill was raised by one floor to allow the installation of a second pair of millstones and a sieve.

Address : Moulin de l'Arzelier


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Presentation of: MOULIN DE L'ARZELIER

A new window was also opened in order to light up a too dark floor. The two opposite doors, each overhung by an enormous slate lintel, allow you to always enter the mill even if the rotation of the wings prevents passage through one of them.

We see on the wall metal rings used to tie donkeys or mules and brake controls. The rear door frame has holes in the stone on both sides that allow a lanyard to be passed through.

This large windmill has been in operation for over a century, it is the last in the country of Retz to stop, in 1957.

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