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Between vineyards and castle


Very nice walk with beautiful views of the vineyards and the castle of Noë Bel-Air. You will pass very close to the flower village Laures before crossing the hamlet of Montys, former lordship of the tenth century. After finding the Christmas, it leads to the ending of the Grand Ferré, which offers a splendid view over 20 towers. Finally along a beautiful stately home in the City Arnoult. Views of the castle of Noë Bel-Air (visit authorized park) Follow the guide: From the parking area, proceed to the roundabout and turn it around via the crosswalk. Around the mall, go to the stop sign and turn right. Through the subdivision and turn right onto Avenue of gold broom. Continue and turn left to cross a small park. Exit and turn left rue burnt wood. Go straight and then turn left to Pétinière. Through the village and turn right into the lane. Cross the stream, head straight up and join the path next to the vineyards. Continue until the Apple Orchard, and through the village by making a small loop behind the castle Apple Orchard. Then take a right path vines, follow, turn left and continue through the vineyards. Further, turn left, then further to the right and left again to continue along the vines to reach a small shady path. To engage and cross the creek again at the same place. Join the Pétinière again and go straight to a farm track. Turn right and continue along the path. Cross the D37 and opposite, turn right and continue along the vines. Fork right again to a small pond and continue. Further, turn left onto a small road, and continue crossing continue straight through the vineyards. Turn left on the small road, then left again after Montis (or Montys). At the intersection, cross, join the vines and continue. Continue to the village Laures then take the path on the right. Join castle Noë Bel-Air, around and continue. Turn right and continue through the vineyards. Cross a small road and continue straight, always in the vineyards. Turn left to cross the D37 through the village of Upper Town Arnoult and continue straight. At the end turn right and join the starting point.
Type of routes/Nature of route
Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Departure town
Arrival town
8 Km
Means of transport
Walking, duration: 2h
Colour of tag
Type of road surfacing
58% on dirt road
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office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes