Visit the vineyards of Anjou-Saumur and discover its cultural heritage

Coulée de Serrant à Savennières
Domaine des Génaudières - Le Cellier et point de vue depuis le lieu-dit St-Méen (Le Cellier)	© A. Lamoureux
Bibliothèque du château de Serrant, château privé et habité
Château de Brissac
Le vignoble autour de Brissac-Quincé, paysage et cabanes de Vignes.
Domaine d'Epiré - Savennières - Anjou
Le village de Souzay depuis l'île de Souzay - Anjou

The Anjou-Saumur winegrowing region stretches from Ancenis to Saumur, via Angers. Taking in little villages, markets and the banks of the Loire, with superb views and cultural sites, the Routes des Vins wine trails are an invitation to explore. And exploring also means tasting! Among the region’s AOC-labelled wines are red, white, rosé and semi-sparkling - so there is sure to be something to suit all tastes!

Enjoy panoramic views of the Loire

Follow the ‘Panoramas of the Loire’ as you drive along the banks of the Loire, on this Routes des Vins wine trail. Along the way, discover wine estates, windmills and Loire riverscapes that are perfect for a riverside picnic stop and a breath of fresh air.

But what you will most enjoy about this circuit are the wonderful panoramic views! From either bank of the river, stop off to take pictures of some of the most beautiful views of the Loire. And to end the day in style, winegrowers welcome you for a tasting of Muscadet or Coteaux d’Ancenis Malvoisie.

From the vineyards of Aubance to the château of Brissac

The ‘Château de Brissac and the Aubance vineyards’ circuit alternates Loire riverscapes with vineyards and châteaux. Angers and its château mark the start of this section of the Routes des Vins. On your route, you are bound to be enchanted by the Loire and its villages.

Be sure to round off your trip with a visit to the Château de Brissac, the tallest château in France! Lose yourself in its innumerable rooms and stroll amongst its landscaped grounds.

Marvel at the Corniche Angevine and its panoramic views

The ‘Panoramas of the Coteaux du Layon’ circuit starts in Angers, where you can visit the Maison des Vins d’Anjou-Angers-Saumur. Along the way, you will pass through a string of pretty villages: Savennières, Béhuard, La Possonnière. On the Routes des Vins, don’t forget to take your camera with you!

This day out also gives you an opportunity to have lunch at one of the region’s well-known restaurants. Why not try poulet à l’angevine (Anjou-style chicken), washed down with a glass of Savennières? After enjoying the local specialities, stop off at Rablay-sur-Layon to admire the local crafts, or visit the tallest château in France, at Brissac.

Explore the wild Loire and the Corniche Angevine

Starting in Angers, the ‘Wild Loire and the Corniche Angevine’ circuit, on the Routes des Vins, takes you by car to the picture-postcard village of Savennières. Not far from there, head for the Château de Serrant, which houses a magnificent library.

At Montjean-sur-Loire, a trip in a traditional riverboat awaits to discover the Loire’s wilderness. And, to round off your day, a surprise activity is in store: mushing! A vineyard tour in a dog sled!

Vineyards and troglodyte villages of the Saumur area

The ‘Vineyards and troglodyte villages of Saumur’ circuit takes you to the town and château of Saumur. Lying on the Routes des Vins, the Cadre Noir de Saumur national riding school is a must for horse-riding enthusiasts. With villages feature domesticated cave dwellings, known as troglodyte homes, the Bioparc wildlife park, châteaux and wine estates, you certainly won’t get bored!

And to round off your trip, how about visiting the amazing Clos d’Entre les Murs winery and enjoying a glass of Saumur Blanc?

Up the Haut-Layon valley

The ‘Vineyards and heritage of Haut-Layon’ circuit takes you to the heart of Haut-Layon to discover its little villages and many wine estates. As you pass through Doué-la-Fontaine and Aubigné-sur-Layon, varied landscapes unfold before your eyes: châteaux, manor houses, vineyards. Why not stop off at a winery on the Routes des Vins to enjoy a glass of Rosé d’Anjou? Or if you’re more of a red-wine drinker, this is also the place for Cabernet!