Le Mont des Avaloirs: Western France's answer to Everest!

Le Mont des Avaloirs - Summit of the Alpes Mancelles - Atlantic Loire Valley

Tourbière des Egoutelles
Chouette Chevêche
Drosera rotundifolia

Here are 3 good reasons to drag yourself up Le Mont des Avaloirs near Mayenne, the highest point in Western France at 416 metres that dominates the surrounding landscape. Ready for the vertigo?

1) For the climb up to the top of its panoramic viewpoint!

Atop Le Mont des Avaloirs sits an ultra-modern viewpoint laid out over a height of 18.5 metres. Once you've climbed its 108 stairs, you are rewarded with one of the region's most beautiful panoramas, with its uninterrupted 360° view over a patchwork of lush green landscapes. The Alpes Mancelles, the Alençon countryside and even Mont Saint-Michel are all revealed, the latter of which is just visible in the distance on a clear day.

2) For the amazing wildlife

The little peak is tucked away in the Normandie-Maine regional nature park, a Natura 2000-classified site. It's therefore not unusual to spot of wide variety of all kinds of birds, including protected species. A special mention goes to the mellifluous Linnet and its delightful chirping, the Hen Harrier with its majestic wingspan, and the fantastic Little Owl, always poised to fly during the day.

3) For an unexpected curiosity nearby

Near Le Mont des Avaloirs is the Corniche de Pail, covered in heather and standing at 350 metres high. This altitude also offers lovely views, but the most surprising element resides in one of its unique curiosities: the Landes regional nature reserve and Egoutelles peat bog, a five-acre space that's home to carnivorous plants and rare wildlife, such as the Large Marsh Grasshopper or the Fire Salamander!