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85230 BOUIN

Presentation of: EGLISE NOTRE DAME

The church of Notre Dame de Bouin is somewhat massive in appearance and was built in the style of the 14th century. The sacristy, the bell tower and the crossbeam that supports it are the remains of the old church. The steeple towers 51 metres above the marshes and serves as a landmark for sailors in the Bay of Bourgneuf. The Spanish Renaissance altarpiece dates from 1680. There is a beautiful wooden statue of the Virgin and Child, dated 1878, and a painting by Krug, "La mise au tombeau", donated to Bouin by the French government in 1875. The sacristy is a beautiful vaulted room with walls over a metre thick. The vaults, which have no capitals, date back to the end of the 14th century; a document in the archives gives the date 1505.
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Abbaye Royale


The abbey was founded in 682 AD on a limestone islet. Following the Concordat of 1516, it became a royal abbey.



Initially, only the church buildings were erected, before the bell tower was added at the end of 1897, thanks to a loan of 10,000