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Luçon City Hall consists of two distinct parts: the house bequeathed to the City by Pierre-Hyacinthe Dumaine in 1872, and the building built further west in 1974. In 1789 Mr Dumaine's parents bought the Paumerie which included the main house (future Town Hall).

Address : 1, Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
85400 LUCON


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In 1833, Pierre-Hyacinthe won the trial against his mother Marie-Thérèse Baranger about the heritage left by his father when he died in 1825. When his mother died in 1837, he became the only legatee of the Paumerie. Very attached to Luçon, he gave all his goods to the town, with conditions including his house becoming the town hall after knocking down the other one (Leclerc square). Not long after his death (February 25th 1872), the town inherited of the Dumaine house and gave the renovation work to the architect Léon Ballereau. We don't actually know the date on the construction of the Paumerie. On the map of Luçon in 1704, and the cadastral map in 1816, it has the same configuration, but the deeds talk about building works between 1780 and 1789. Interior decorating dates back to 1830 and are linked to Pierre-Hyacinthe, including the stucco panelling. The work done after the legacy was given, are known thanks to the municipal archives and the municipal council's delibaration.
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