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The Les Achards sports and community life committee has set up a disc golf course on the banks of the Bibrou lake. Open to the public in June 2022, this new activity is already attracting many sports and nature lovers.

Address :
Plan d'eau du Bibrou


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Presentation of: PARCOURS DE DISC GOLF

Whether it's a sporting activity or a sport in its own right, disc golf is an ideal way to spend some quality time in the great outdoors with family and friends. It's a game of throwing and precision that can be played individually or in a group. Accessible to all, disc golf is considered an all-round sport because it works every part of the body.

Invented in the United States in the 70s, the game arrived in France in the early 80s. Today, there are some great French champions of the discipline, such as Sylvain Gouge, European champion. There are currently 150 disc golf courses in France, both free and paying.

The rules of the game are simple and similar to those of golf, but instead of throwing a ball with a club, the player throws a disc (Frisbee) with his arm, aiming for the basket. The aim of the game is to get the Frisbee from the tee to a basket by throwing it in as few strokes as possible.
The aim is to complete a 12-hole course in as few throws as possible.

So, if you're looking for an activity that's suitable for all the family (beginners or experts), and that's neither too sporty nor too boring, come and explore disc golf on the banks of the Bibrou!
To discover it, all you need is a disc, which you can hire or buy from the Pays des Achards Tourist Office (for information, beach frisbees are less suitable).

A few figures:
- 3.5 km course
- 8 baskets for 12 holes (1 basket can be used for 2 holes)
- Duration of the activity: approximately 1 hour for a single player (the duration for a course played in its entirety also depends on the number of players).
- Age of participants: from 6 / 7 years old
- Disc hire: €2 - Deposit: €15 per disc hired
- Disc purchase: €10

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Opening times
Open all year round
Type of facilities
Disc Golf
Basic price adult starting from 2.00€ (La location d'un disc golf)
Children's price starting from 2.00€ (La location d'un disc golf)
Basic price adult starting from 10.00€ (L'achat du disc golf)
Children's price starting from 10.00€ (L'achat du disc golf)
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Billboards: French
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: 0,2 Km
SNCF train station: 1,5 Km
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