Amazing wine events!

Vignes Vins et Randos en Vallée du Loir
Vignes Vins et Randos dans le Jasnières

Give in to unique Bacchanalian events in the Atlantic Loire Valley region the ultimate wine-making region. Tastings, walks in the vines, meals, shows and wine-making workshops all lie in store...

Les caves étonNantes – June to October (Loire-Atlantique)

The South Nantes wine-making region is revealed in surprising ways through the various initiatives of around fifteen farmers: a treasure hunt in the vines, dinner hidden in a wine cellar, a family harvesting workshop, exploring an estate using digital devices, and more. A host of activities, most of which are totally unexpected.

Les Grandes Tablées du Saumur-Champigny – August (Anjou)

Every year, Saumur sets up over two kilometres of tables in its place de la République. Over the course of two giant dinners, these aim to seat 6,000 foodies who delight in the dishes inspired by the country being showcased. To wash it all down, wine from the local appellation fills glasses, while carefully selected bands play on stage.

Vignes Vins Randos (Vines, Wine and Walks) – September (Loire-Atlantique and Anjou)

In the heart of these magnificent landscapes created by the vines in the Loire Valley, the public can take part in a 3-hour walk with a winemaker in Nantes, Angers and Saumur. The tour, with added tastings of wines and local products, also comes as a 2-hour circuit for families. On arrival, a temporary village invites us to enjoy games, concerts and gourmet areas.

Festivini – September (Anjou)

For one week, the Saumurois region celebrates its vinous treasures with a whole host of offers. These include carriage, horseback and bike rides and walks though the vineyard, a Loire Wine Market, debates, a vinification taster session, tastings, the Foulées de Saumur-Champigny, a grand dinner and shows.

Les Muscadétours – October (Loire-Atlantique)

This major festival of the Nantes wine-making region blends viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and culture! Tastings, meals, concerts, exhibitions and vineyard tours are all on the agenda. As a grand finale, the Agapes day sees an army of famous chefs, top-notch pâtissiers, cheesemakers and bakers take over an idyllic site to offer food for matching with local wines.