Travel in the Vignoble de Nantes

Clisson et son paysage aux allures italiennes
Château et jardins de Goulaine
La Maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu - Bouaye
Point de vue sur St-Florent-le-Vieil depuis le village de La Meilleraie (Varades)
Le Lac de Grandlieu - Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais
Ile de Loire - l'île Neuve-Macrière, entre Oudon et Champtoceaux

The Vignoble de Nantes winegrowing area stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the hills of Ancenis, east of Nantes. The route offers up a gorgeous mosaic of landscapes including lakes, châteaux, panoramic views, fishing villages, vineyards and more. Why not drive to a local wine estate to meet the winegrower and taste their AOC-labelled wines?

Penetrate the mysteries of the Lac de Grand-Lieu

On the Routes des Vins, enjoy a day trip exploring this wine tourism trail by car. Starting from Nantes, this route will take you to the Lac de Grand-Lieu. The history of this lake is shrouded in legend, making it all the more mysterious...

The route will take you around the lake, from Saint-Aignan-de-Grand-Lieu to Saint-Lumine-du-Coutais. Along the way, stop off at a winery for a glass of Muscadet Côtes-de-Grandlieu, an AOC-labelled white wine. With its panoramic views, bird reserve and natural landscape, the ‘Lac de Grand-Lieu’ trail promises a great day out in the heart of preserved nature.

Enjoy panoramic views of the Loire

The majestic River Loire offers some gorgeous views. Make the most of them with the ‘Panoramas of the Loire’ circuit. Drive along the banks of the Loire, stopping off for a spot of kayaking or other water sport. After the exertion, sit on the riverbank for a well-earned picnic! Along the way, visit a wine estate for a tasting of Muscadet Coteaux-de-la-Loire.

Then cross the bridge to the little fishing village of La Meilleraie, for a riverside stroll. To round off the circuit, the medieval château of Oudon will tell you the story of the Loire over the centuries. Punctuated by beautiful panoramic views, this circuit is an opportunity to discover the river and its little treasures.

Journey through the Vignoble de Nantes

The ‘Journey through the Vignoble de Nantes’ trail invites you to discover the Sèvre Nantaise river and its vineyards, over two days. So let’s hit the road! Before moving on, take a stroll along the river at Chaussée des Moines. Sit on a bench and enjoy the peace and stillness of the location.

Continuing along this circuit of the Routes des Vins, La Haye-Fouassière harbour is the perfect spot for a picnic overlooking the river. So make sure you have packed your hamper and rug with you! In summer, there is an added bonus: a food truck parked on site sells mouth-watering regional specialities!

The trail continues on to Clisson, a magnificent medieval citadel reminiscent of Tuscany. Sit outside at a café to drink in the town’s Italian charm. Towards the end of the circuit, a glass of Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine is an absolute must, followed by a visit to the Château de Goulaine. Biscuit lovers, you’re in for a nice surprise: this château is home to the LU Museum! This trail is the best way to explore the Sèvre Nantaise and the must-see sights of the surrounding area. Note that in summer, events are held all along the circuit.

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