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The church of Saint Michel dates back to 1899. The old one, considered too small and outdated, was destroyed. You can see the altar in polychrome marble, classified as a historical monument, coming from the former abbey church. South Vendée beaches and retro-littoral.

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The old church was demolished in 1897 and the same year, works to build the new one started. The first mass was celebrated March 19th 1899 and the new neo-gothical style church was held by Mgr Catteau, Luçon bishop, August 23rd 1899.
The main altar, in polychrome marble came from the old abbey. In the four corners of the altar, we can see a cherub's head. In the medal in the centre, on one side there is Saint Michel conquering a demon and on the other side there is Saint Michel holding some scales. In 1791, the altar was attributed to the church after taking away the religious congregation. It was François le Duc said "Toscane" that was at the head of the reconstruction and repairs on the Abbey during the end of the 17th century. The alter was classed as a historical monument in 1965 and restore in 1993.
On the facade there is a statue that represents Saint Michel conquering a dragon.
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In 682, it was on one of the limestone islets of the Gulf of Pictons that the monks of Noirmoutier came to build the abbey of St M