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The Saint Martin Church is a Romanesque church of the Lower Maine which can only be visited from the outside for safety reasons.

Address : Rue Louis Perrin
53000 LAVAL

Presentation of: EGLISE SAINT-MARTIN

Saint Martin was founded in the 1050s by Guy Ist of Laval, in the Saint-Martin faubourg. It is a romanesque church.

Saint Martin is a romanesque church. This priory was founded in the 1050s by Guy Ist of Laval. Thanks to its influence, the Saint-Martin faubourg started to develop itself around the church.

Consctucted with ferrugineous sandstone, the bulding shows a traditional romanesque drawing. It is composed of a unique nave, a little prominent transept and a chevet with west-facing chapels.

Murals from the 12th to the 17th century cover the walls. In the choir, the scenes illustrate the works in the fields according to the seasons.

The church is closed for safety reasons. You can discover it from the outside or as part of a guided tour.
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Open all year round
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19th century
Guided tours on request (groupes): Yes
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Abbaye Royale


The abbey was founded in 682 AD on a limestone islet. Following the Concordat of 1516, it became a royal abbey.