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Eglise Notre-Dame de Fresnay-en-Retz

Witness of local history, the church of Fresnay en Retz was rebuilt in 1801, after in 1794, the old church was destroyed by Republican troops.

Address : Rue de Retz

Contact: Eglise Notre-Dame de Fresnay-en-Retz

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Presentation of: Eglise Notre-Dame de Fresnay-en-Retz

Historical traces show that a place of worship was already present in the Middle Ages, on the site of the current building.

A wall dedication written in thanks to Henri de Batelard and his wife Claude, from the de La Salle family, (cf. Château de la Salle located nearby), founders of the old church in 1684, is still visible to visitors nowadays.

At the time of the revolution, the parish priest had a strong influence on the inhabitants of Fresnay. Also, one fears an opposition at the time of the confiscation of ecclesiastical property and the civil constitution of the clergy. Thus, in 1791 the directory ordered reprisals, which led to the radicalization of the inhabitants. This will lead to the demolition of the building by Republican troops three years later.

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the current building is small and sober. The black marble altar dates from 1717, and comes from the church of Bourgneuf. The altarpiece is decorated with Corinthian columns of black marble. We notice the statues of Saint Bartholomew and Saint Sebastian.

A guided tour of the building is possible during Heritage Days in September.
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Abbaye Royale


The abbey was founded in 682 AD on a limestone islet. Following the Concordat of 1516, it became a royal abbey.