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An actual maze of canals, this vast ecological complex of exceptional richness takes its visitors into the preserved universe of the Marais Poitevin.

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Les Huttes


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"The Departmental Biological Reserve is a group of wetlands and forms a wide stretch of 137 hectares between Nalliers and Mouzeuil-Saint-Martin. It has all the typical environments of the Marais Poitevin: it is criss-crossed by ditches and canals, its meadows and "burrows" are interspersed with groves, lively hedges and dense coppices, dotted with paths and grassy slopes.
A witness to the history of the Marais Poitevin, this magnificent reserve has been shaped by hand. Water is the essential element that structures this spacious landscape where fullness reigns. In the past, this natural area was a refuge for hutters, local inhabitants and also a place for the production of firewood. It has become a receptacle for rare fauna and flora.

The presence of remarkable and vulnerable species explains why a large part of this territory is only accessible to the public during guided tours. Born of a fragile balance between land and water, the wetland is a real sanctuary for many animal species, some of which are now threatened. Close to the Aiguillon bay and the winding course of the Sèvre Niortaise, the departmental Biological Reserve is home to the rare and discreet European otter or the genet. This territory is also frequented by purple herons, winter teal, European orioles, sweethearts and black kites. We also note the presence of many protected insects such as the rosalie of the Alps or the great peacock at night."
Marsh - wetland / salt marshes
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