Time for Les Nuits de la Mayenne

Ensemble - Collectif Jupon - Edition 2016
Hansel&Gretel, Ensemble instrumental de la Mayenne
Le Revizor - Collectif Voix des Plumes, 2016
Le Bourgeois gentilhomme - La Fidèle Idée, 2016
Ruy Blas ou la folie des moutons noirs

In Mayenne, be transported by a theatre festival like no other. This summer event takes its stage through the department's towns and villages, taking over a square, for example, or a park, school courtyard or even a historical monument.

Les Nuits de Mayenne: a warm and intimate atmosphere

As the day softly fades, a few children stomp over dandelions a few metres away from the bleachers opposite the improvised stage. The audience arrives gradually and, their eyes wide, look around the setting as the actors prepare in hurriedly-installed dressing rooms behind a section wall. The atmosphere of the Nuits de la Mayenne is definitely unique! Since 1973, the festival has taken its audience on a wander through towns and fields, bringing them to a wood, for example, or the courtyard of a château or old theatre.

Discovering the rich local heritage

Before the performance, associations, students or members of the town council introduce the town or the history of the site's heritage. This is an opportunity to discover Sainte-Suzanne, a high-up little village thought to be one of France's finest, Jublains and its Gallo-Roman fortress, or Laval and its charming medieval finery, among others.

An eclectic and carefully-chosen programme

As for the shows, they include both new creations but give pride of place to the great classics, from the very first to contemporary ones, drifting from William Shakespeare to Feydeau, for example, as well as Marivaux, Molière or Alfred de Musset. Experience acting companies or promising young groups – some of which have already had some success in Parisian theatres or won prestigious awards – are tasked with bringing the works to life. Places, all!