Wonderful arts and crafts

Les Métiers d'art à Malicorne
Les métiers d'art dans les troglodytes -Turquant
L'Espace d'accrochage de l'atelier de La Croisure

Meet Atlantic Loire Valley's artists and craftspeople A unique opportunity to discover their expertise in dedicated places or villages where they are often invited to set up studios!

The artisan village of Sallertaine – Vendée

For 30 years, artists and craftspeople have occupied the old houses in this little village in the middle of the Vendée-Brittany Marais. Some thirty types of crafts are represented here during the summer season, from blacksmiths and furniture-makers to ceramicists, leatherworkers, textile makers, sculptors, wood-turners and more. In July and August, the place comes to life over the course of four night-time events with street performances and free concerts.

The Forum Métiers d'Art in Jublains – Mayenne

Jewellery, furniture, sculptures, decorative objects and more... Located not far from Mayenne, the Forum Métiers d'Art invites you into its shop to discover the little marvels created by local craftspeople. Nearby, an exhibition space is open from May to December, and there's a room that hosts workshops where you can learn calligraphy, linocutting or weaving, for example. A large curiosities market also takes place here the last weekend in July!

La Croisure – Loire-Atlantique

An amazing artist, La Croisure perpetuates the art of low-warp tapestry weaving, drawing her inspiration from history, literature or even sociology and weaving her creations on the back. Visitors first look at this facet, before looking at the reflection of the place in a mirror that includes the three-dimensional frame that greets you as you arrive! An amazing experience that makes you want to also go to her studio in Nort-sur-Erdre, which you can visit by appointment.

Les Faïenceries in Malicorne – Sarthe

Since the 18th century, the charming little village of Malicorne-sur-Sarthe has been a major place for earthenware, thanks in particular to the quality of its clay soil. Take part in a tour of the Faïenceries d'Art de Malicorne to discover its design secrets, and explore Bourg-Joly, the oldest pottery in the area. There's also a museum on the site of an old pottery, which celebrates the local speciality through a fun, superbly set-out circuit. It also has a shop, as well as temporary exhibitions.

L’espace Métiers d’Art en Troglo in Turquant – Anjou

Tucked between the Loire and vineyards, the little village of Turquant is home to one of the largest networks of troglodyte caves in France! Craftspeople have taken up residence here, mainly in the troglodyte dwellings wedged into the hillside. They come and go with the changing years, from painters and jewellers to gilders, wood-turners and sculptors. The public visits from March to December and can stock up at the Boutique Métiers d'Art, which displays the creations of some forty talents from western France.