Terra Botanica: an extraordinary garden!

Terra Botanica: an extraordinary garden! - Theme park in Angers

Terra Botanica attraction

Unique to Europe, the Terra Botanica in Angers theme park invites us to learn about the world of plants through a myriad of breathtaking attractions.

A tropical jungle, a journey in a nutshell and a 4D cinema!

We bet you've never tried this before! Explore the tropical jungle, climb into a nutshell to get up close and personal with the treetops, go back to the time of the T-Rexes with the 4D cinema, play at adventurers wearing the costume of a real amber hunter... Set over 37 acres of dreamlike gardens, abundant greenhouses and aquatic spaces, Terra Botanica has countless attractions and leaves all those keen to explore it in awe.

Pérouse's Treasure: one of the new attractions for 2016

The latest offerings only add to the amazement, including Pérouse's Treasure, a show that tells the true story of two young explorers who went on a quest for the cargo of plants and seeds brought back from the four corner of the world by a famous ship that mysteriously sunk in the 18th century... Other new arrivals include an interactive scarecrow almost four metres high, an incredible symphonic oak, the world's oldest plant fossil, a mini animal farm, extraordinary vegetable gardens and even quiz huts.

Discovering the botanical world in Anjou

Even simpler features attract their own curious crowds, including the village and island of the goblins, an imposing balloon that lifts the bravest 150 metres above the site, the butterfly house and its countless specimens and the Extraordinary Gardens. Note that one of these takes visitors across the water on a discovery of botanical species from Anjou, the ultimate horticultural region! You're bound to love your new garden.

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Terra Botanica

Located on the edge of Angers, it is the first theme park in Europe dedicated to plant life.
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