Escal’Atlantic: explore an old cruise liner!

Escal’Atlantic: explore an old cruise liner! - Must-visits - Saint Nazaire


The Saint-Nazaire submarine base has a hidden treasure: a structure named Escal'Atlantic, whose three floors and 3,700 m2 of specially-designed spaces recreate the atmosphere of cruise liners from the last century! It really feels as though you're in one...

An authentic departures lounge!

But where could it lead, this gangway that pierces the thick walls of the submarine base? As they pass through it, visitors come face-to-face with the imposing hull of a ship and, if they keep going, emerge in a departures lounge with an old-fashioned feel! It feels like you've gone back to the 1930s to the great era of cruise liners that connected the different continents. There is also a monumental lacquered panel, taken from the actual ship, the Normandie, on the wall.

The cabins, the dining room, the promenade deck...

Escal'Atlantic lets visitors explore freely through the 25 specially-designed spaces that recreate the ambiance inside these seafaring giants. We revisit the atmosphere of the cabins, the engine room, the majestic dining room or even the space between decks that served to keep emigrants confined... Another surprise is the bar, where you can order a real cocktail, or even the promenade deck, a magical place equipped with sun loungers, with a video projection that gives the impression of being in the middle of the sea, at sunrise perhaps, or in a storm.

Multimedia devices for added fun

A total of almost 200 objects taken from legendary ships such as the France, the Normandie or the Liberté adorn the various spaces of Escal'Atlantic. These sumptuous relics include delicate crockery, travel accessories or decorative objects, all of which make the experience even more immersive. Digital screens tell their stories, while multimedia devices and games provide fun for young and old, such as becoming the director of a shipping company, whereby you have to manage your trans-Atlantic fleet on a big interactive world map. On leaving the tour, visitors rub their eyes in disbelief, feeling like they've been transported somewhere else. Safe crossing!

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