The treasure islands of the Loire

Chalonnes-sur-Loire Confluence de la Loire et du Layon
Ile Neuve-Macrière entre OUdon et Champtoceaux
Souzay - Pique-nique sur l'île de Souzay

Explore the islands of the Loire to discover their wealth of fauna and flora, enjoy the surprises they have in store or play at the Swiss Family Robinson on the wildest island of all!

The Île de Souzay, a little piece of nature on the water

This enchanting place is a true lost paradise that seems cut off from the world. Located near Saumur, the Île de Souzay and its Ferme du Port invites you for a restful stay in magnificent guest rooms where you can disconnect from it all. Around the tuffeau stone buildings, the abundant nature flourishes here in delightful disorder, and when the water level submerges the ford, the owner André Petit becomes a ferryman to get visitors home. On good days, they can enjoy dinners, a wine bar and little open-air concerts facing the magnificent sunset...

Chalonnes: the biggest island in the Loire

The last wild river in Europe is home to around sixty gems floating offshore in the Atlantic Loire Valley region. These include the Île Courgain in Anjou, a wild place overgrown with vegetation. Visitors can get there, on fine days, aboard a barge or a "toue cabanée", leaving from the Ponts-de-Cé. Further on, the island town of Béhuard features a buzzing open-air café called La Croisette which is regularly flooded, while Chalonnes and its 40 km2 is the largest inhabited island in the Loire. Its beauty means that it is one of the stops in the Loire by Bike cycle route. A few kilometres away is the Île Batailleuse, which has been the site of numerous battles throughout history, or the Île Dorelle, which has a superb golf course and marks the border with Loire-Atlantique.

The marvellous islands of Loire-Atlantique

This department is home to the Île Delage, which sits opposite Ancenis and reveals its idyllic setting to walkers outside the flood season. The same goes for the Île Bernardeau, a nature zone accessible sandy crossing on good days and home to a real wealth of fauna. Magical walks are organised there on a regular basis, especially by the Pays d'Ancenis Tourist Office. Further on, the tiny Île Clémentine, nestled by Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, offers magnificent views of the river. Notable next stops, opposite Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, are the Île Forget and its abundance of play equipment for children, and the Île Pinette, with its sports pitches and an equestrian centre. A few hundreds, the Île de Nantes has a very urban character, with its apartment blocks, shops and above all the fabulous Machines de l'Île, which are based here. Ready to come board?