Stroll through a fishing village

Stroll through Trentemoult, a fishing village - 5mn from Nantes

Ruelles de Trentemoult
Quais de Trentemoult
Port de Trentemoult
Paimboeuf, situé sur l'estuaire de la Loire

All aboard for Trentemoult, an amazing fishing village nestled by the Loire. With its colourful little houses, labyrinth of tiny streets and exotic plants, it has a quiet bohemian atmosphere beloved by Nantes' residents.

Trentemoult: a colourful fishing village!

After the five-minute Navibus crossing from the Nantes' Gare Maritime, a multicoloured line of buildings appears. One of the façades sports the painted advertisement "Petit Beurre Lu" from a time gone by. Just next door, "La Reine Blanche" crêperie has the name of the film made here by Jean-Loup Hubert, another person who fell under the spell of Trentemoult. The fishermen who once lived in this little village coated the walls of their houses with the remainders of the paint used for the hulls of ships. The tradition has endured and fits in perfectly with the bohemian feel the place now has, far away from the urban hustle and bustle.

The ideal place to have a drink by the Loire

As you stroll through the little streets, palm trees and exotic plants appear, brought back from faraway lands by the sailors who also once lived here. The bourgeois homes of the Cape-Horners still stand here, while on the quayside there's a row of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy fish and seafood or a glass of wine by the Loire. All throughout the year, concerts, regattas, flea markets and organic food markers enliven this unusual place that's bound to captivate you.

Other fishing villages in Atlantic Loire Valley

It's worth knowing that the region has other such gems! Heading a little further up the estuary, visitors will discover Paimbœuf, which in the 17th century was Nantes' outer harbour. In the opposite direction, the river leads through Anjou to La Patache, whose picturesque houses stand on a hillside. In the Vendée, meanwhile, La Chaume has been joined up with Les Sables d'Olonne but still retains its own character, sitting opposite the channel that flows into the ocean. Le Vieil on the island of Noirmoutier features white houses with blue shutters tucked between the potato fields, the sea and the majestic La Chaise woodland. Ready to come board?