Where to eat vegetarian in the Atlantic Loire Valley?

Vegetarian restaurants in Nantes, Angers, Laval ... Find yours in Atlantic Loire Valley

Totum, Nantes’s 100% gourmet pleasure organic canteen!

In Nantes city centre along the Quai Turenne near the university hospital, you will find one of the best vegan restaurants in Nantes. Totum was the first restaurant in Nantes to offer 100% organic, 100% gluten-free and 100% vegan cuisine.

At the helm of this welcoming organic canteen, Pascal Roy is a cooking enthusiast who revealed his talent to the public during the 2012 season of MasterChef on TF1. His original, colourful cuisine varies the season's flavours with judiciously proportioned spices. You can be sure that everything is fresh and in season here, and the menu changes every week!
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Bad Hunter, Nantes's vegetarian bistro for tighter budgets

At Bad Hunter, a vintage-style bistro in Nantes, you will find vegetarian dishes at affordable prices. Bertille and Aurélie offer up different dishes each day according to their imagination and the seasons. Their objective? To introduce you to gourmet vegetarian recipes with ‘reasoned’ produce and superfood ingredients wherever possible!

Would you be tempted by a thin-crust butternut squash, goats’ cheese and hazelnut tart, a saffron risotto or a red kidney bean houmous with fennel? Tip: if you don’t have time to sit down to lunch, you can get your favourite dishes to go!
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Ma Campagne, a refined traditional restaurant with vegetarian dishes

Overlooking the River Maine and only a stone's throw from Angers city centre, Ma Campagne is a foodies’ stopover in Angers. Each day, this traditional restaurant offers a vegetarian / vegan entrée and main depending on the day's deliveries, what’s in season and the inspiration of the day. Its idyllic setting ensures a peaceful atmosphere for couples!

The attentive service, fresh produce and refined recipes will turn your meal into an unforgettable experience in the Atlantic Loire Valley.
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Les 3 Grands-Mères and its 100% plant-based option

In the historic district of La Doutre, you are sure to love the local-produce approach of this Angers restaurant. At Les 3 Grands-Mères, every effort is made to showcase the flavours and traditions of authentic Val de Loire cuisine. Boasting two hectares of farmland, this Angers restaurant guarantees an outstanding quality of fruit and vegetables, from the field right to your plate!

Vegetarian entrées, mains and desserts are available each day, such as the Cream of forgotten vegetable soup, courgette lasagne, marinara sauce or a quinoa patty with vegetables and herbs.
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Café Folk, vegetarian ‘canteen’

In Le Mans, Café Folk is much more than a convivial restaurant. It is an open venue that changes its skin with the passing hours, workshops and concerts held there. This 100% vegetarian/vegan restaurant prepares dishes using organic and local products wherever possible.

In the afternoons, it is transformed into a tea and coffee house, with an area just for kids. On the menu, your taste buds will love the Perche lentil curry, spinach potatoes... and the delicious banana bread.
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Le P’tit Marais, French cuisine with vegetarian dishes on request

Hidden away in the Les Halles district of La Roche-sur-Yon, there is a restaurant where you can eat gourmet and vegetarian. The inconspicuous frontage of Le P’tit Marais belies the flavoursome, gourmet dishes to be found within – be ready for surprises!

In La Roche-sur-Yon, this restaurant offers creative French cuisine with exotic flavours. It also caters to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free fancies on request. Solène and Angélique have revisited local dishes, inviting you to sample fresh, quality produce with a twist.
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Cosy bistros, canteens with family atmospheres, gourmet restaurants… In the Atlantic Loire Valley, you can easily find a vegetarian establishment or menu to suit your fancy.

Fresh and local produce features in these restaurants that emphasise ‘home-made’ cooking and the taste of local produce, with vegetarian dishes or even a full menu dedicated to plant-based cuisine. And gluten-free diners are not forgotten in our selection of great restaurants for enjoying the best vegetarian dishes in Nantes, Angers, Laval, Le Mans and La Roche-sur-Yon.

Good to know: it may be a good idea to book ahead to be sure of getting a table when you want one!

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Traditional cuisine with a twist, using fresh local produce.
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