Super-natural theme parks

Super-natural theme parks: Biotopia, Echologia ...- Atlantic Loire Valley


Have fun while learning and exploring! This is what's on offer in the Vendée, Mayenne and Anjou, at these clever theme parks that challenge your imagination to offer ultra-innovative activities and attractions.

Echologia, Louverné (53) - An exceptional natural site bursting with discoveries

How did the Echologia project start? When two young native Mayennais and devotees of nature fell in love with a magical site, the old quarries at Louverné. Over its 173 acres, the park offers lovely strolls around its stretches of water, on a discovery for Métalloïds in particular – strange animals built from iron and salvaged materials. Keen adventurers can take part in La Quête de Bartholomé (Bartholomé's Quest) on the search for treasure hidden on the site by a bushwhacker. Note that, during summer, a wide range of events takes place on Sundays and national holidays, such as crayfish fishing, blowpipe shooting and scientific experiments.

Biotopia, Notre-Dame-de-Monts (85) - High-tech activities for discovering the Pays de Monts coastline

In its magnificent building that opens up onto nature, Biotopia offers fun, interactive activities boosted by new technology. An immersive film welcomes visitors, who then discover the evolution of the area by travelling through the corridor of time as an insect. Sounds, smells, giant visuals and wind and heat simulators add to the show. Other delights include hide-and-seek in the sand, which invites visitors to explore an area of recreated sand purely by touch, while 3D glasses allow us to see the world through the eyes of a dragonfly. Outside, visitors can take themed walks and enjoy the 3D Explorer circuit, digital tablets in hand, which provide access to games, photos, videos and augmented reality, all of which prolong the experience on these 99 acres of dunes and forest.

Terra Botanica, Angers (49) - The theme park that's going green

This 99-acre structure dedicated entirely to the plant world is nothing other than incredible! It offers breathtaking attractions including a stroll among the treetops aboard walnut shells, a journey to the time of the T-Rex using 4D cinema, a 150-metre-high balloon trip and an adventurer in the shoes of an amber hunter. The show Pérouse's Treasure tells the tale of two young explorers on a quest for the marvels brought back by the famous ship during its voyages. There's also an improbable symphonic oak to discover, as well as quiz huts, the World of the Little Goblins, the fascinating butterfly house and the Extraordinary Gardens, which take us on a discovery of botanical species from around the world.

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