Be amazed at Spaycific'Zoo!

Spaycific'Zoo - Zoo Animal Park near Le Mans - Spay, Sarthe


At Spaycific'Zoo, discover rare or rarely-seen animals, come into direct contact with some species and enjoy all kinds of games with the little ones. A refreshing place to explore in the Sarthe, in Spay...

Animals that aren't found anywhere else

Have you ever seen a hairy armadillo? Or a soft-shell turtle? What about South American ants that can grow mushrooms? A kind of Noah's Ark of rare animals, Spaycific'Zoo has quite a few of them among its 170 species. "You can also see blue iguanas, Philippine porcupines, Australian dingos, brushtail possums and even the Geoffroy's cat, which looks like a mini tiger!" explains Emmanuel Le Monnier, the zoo's director.

Get close to different species at Spaycific'Zoo

Better still, on the 15-acre site visitors can get up-close and personal with their hosts. For example, they can enter the 2,500-m2 African aviary to rub shoulders with a huge white pelican, or the house of the weavers and budgies, which they can feed by hand. Some lucky ones can even go inside the enclosures of gibbons, lemurs or wallabies to feed them too. "Children are also invited to creep inside a burrow and pop their heads up into a plexiglas bubble in the middle of dwarf mongooses, or enjoy the thrill of the bat tunnel, plunged into semi-darkness..."

Games and shows along the way

Among these discoveries, families can enjoy the introductory shows that take place at regular intervals throughout the park and watch the performers interact with curious visitors. Games of all kinds, scattered throughout the tour, enable visitors to compare themselves to animals, for example, by putting on flippers or stilts, and take part in quizzes or line fishing. Not to mention the puppet show! The perfect way to spend an entire afternoon, or even a day, on this little green island...

Discover Spaycific'zoo, a different animal park near Le Mans


Zoodéfis, an indoor adventure complex

Opened on-site in 2016, Zoodéfis is a 800-m2 covered space where adults and children can hop between ten different team-based challenges that take 1.5 to 2 hours. For example, participants enter a bat circuit guided only by their ears, try to recognise animal calls or force themselves to overcome their phobias in the Zoophobia space, where you have to unearth clues on a circuit scattered with different traps... Perfect for rainy days!

Awaken the animal that is in you, discover Zoodéfis!

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