10 amazing events in Laval!

Festival Les 3 Eléphants
La Mayenne à Table
Laval Virtual
Collectif Voix des Plumes - Edition 2016
Vélo Agglo Rétro Laval
Les Lumières de Laval

Set a course for the seductive Laval which, far from resting on the laurels of its astounding heritage, is always on the go, offering a host of varied events every year. Here is a selection of ten that are bound to please everyone.

1) MARCH: Reflets du Cinéma (Cinematic Reflections)

A tour of the world in film

An event that showcases a different country each year by creating a true portrait of its cinematographic landscape. Around forty carefully selected films will be screened over a fortnight, as well as other events and appearances.

2) MARCH: Laval Virtual (Virtual Laval)

Be immersed in parallel worlds

This leading European exhibition enables the general public to learn about the incredible ways in which virtual reality is used, in fields as diverse as heritage, gaming, culture, healthcare and industry.

3) APRIL: Festival du Premier Roman (First Novel Festival)

Young writers in the spotlight

For over 20 years, this festival has provided a breath of fresh air for literature, unveiling promising young talents with the help of an army of avid readers from the Mayenne area. The now-famous authors discovered here include Jean-Christophe Ruffin, Alice Ferney, Philippe Grimbert and Pascale Roze.

4) MAY: Les 3 Éléphants (The 3 Elephants)

A touring music festival

With concerts that combine emerging new gems and headline acts, street performances, incredible sets and shows for the little ones, Les 3 Éléphants is now an unmissable presence on the modern music landscape and always manages to surprise every year.

5) JUNE: La Vélo Agglo Rétro (The Great Retro Bike Ride)

A vintage bike ride

Vintage bikes and outfits are a must for this one-of-a-kind bike ride through the countryside and villages of the Pays de Laval. With a whole host of events, such as a retro picnic, a dance with live accordionists, a photo studio and hairdressers and barbers on site.

6) JULY: La Mayenne à Table (Mayenne at the Table)

The world's biggest picnic

The concept of this deliciously festive meeting, held for the first time in 2016? Spread out the world's biggest picnic blanket (a Guinness World Record!) over 20 kilometres, just outside Mayenne, and invite thousands of people to come and enjoy an alfresco lunch.

7) JULY AND AUGUST: Les Nuits de la Mayenne (Nights of Mayenne)

Boards over old stones

A fantastic initiative that closely combines theatre and heritage through performances at symbolic venues in Mayennais towns and villages. The programme gives pride of place to the great classics, from their origins to today.

8) SEPTEMBER: La Nuit de Laval Tourisme (Night of Laval Tourism)

The promise of darkness

For one night only, the Tourist Office invites residents of Laval and interested visitors from all backgrounds to discover the Mayennais town in a new light through free events, such as a lantern-lit walk, quirky tours, concerts, sport taster sessions, DJ boat trips, etc.

9) SEPTEMBER: Fin the missing link

A delightful mix!

A one-of-a-kind meeting in France that brings together music, theatre, singing, contemporary dance, street arts and new-generation circus, with gems unearthed from the four corners of the country and beyond. A special mention goes to the performances for little ones.

10) NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, JANUARY: Shine with the Lights of Laval

A dazzling town

During special celebrations, the town takes on a glittering new look, with its streets, quays, bridge and monuments lit up suddenly by impressive light shows that bring a poetic, fairytale feel to the entire place.