5 simple pleasures in La Baule!

Le Fondant Baulois
Marché couvert de La Baule

Not content to be known only as the proud home of a beach considered by some to be the finest in Europe, La Baule is bursting with great places and offers a host of activities. Here are 5 simple pleasures to treat yourself to when visiting.

1) Taste the Fondant Baulois

Do not even think about missing out on this little cake which, as well as combining chocolate and salted caramel, has an amazingly luscious texture. This delightful treat has even conquered Paris, with many gourmets attempting to pinpoint the secret of its recipe. Find it in the sparkling boutique Le Fondant Baulois, dedicated to the redoubtable.

2) Escape to the Tropicarium Bonsaï

A large exotic glasshouse teeming with a collection of tropical plants, a stream where hundreds of tortoises come and go, an abundant exotic 5,000-m2 garden, myriad birds and more... In the Tropicarium Bonsaï, you can also buy yourself to one of these little Japanese trees, which the place grows and perfects like no one else.

3) Dream in front of contemporary villas

In the neighbourhood of La Baule-les-Pins, those who look carefully are rewarded with wonderful buildings, including a few surprises with their futurist lines!  The Tourist Office allows visitors to discover some of these with a two-hour bike ride, during which an expert unveils the most unusual buildings to participants.

4) Have a drink in a luxury hotel

On one side is a view over the magnificent indoor pool, on the other is a splendid terrace overlooking the ocean. The Marie-Louise bar, in the prestigious Le Royal hotel, is all about refinement with its leather club chairs, grand piano and intimate concerts held during summer.  Enjoy a glass of wine for a few euros in its delightfully plush atmosphere...

5) Treat yourself to some incredible jam

Head to the central market to stock up on an exceptional jam called La Baule and made by the magicians at Muroise et Compagnie in the kitchens of their Nantes vineyard. The maestros of jam hand-fill their jars, having stuffed their copper cauldrons with the region's best strawberries grown by Baule producer Burban.

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