5 secret beaches to explore

5 secret beaches to explore - Tahiti, Cabonnais ... - Atlantic Coast

Plage de l'Anse des Soux
Ile des Evens

Hidden, wild or almost inaccessible, these beaches can only be discovered by those in the know... Here, we focus on five secret havens of calm where you can relax far from the tourist hubbub and ice cream sellers!

1) Plage Tahiti - More... of a paradise

You can reach this tiny stretch of sand from Pouliguen (44), surrounded by granite cliffs, by steps cut into the rocks – but be careful, access can be cut off at high tide. The site's lovely name comes from its white sand edged with turquoise water, which instantly transports you to an exotic island. Unsupervised swimming.

2) Plage de Belle Maison - More... wild

This beach, which some consider the finest on the Ile d'Yeu (85), is located on the Côte Sauvage, far from the busy town of Port Joinville or its southern cousins. It is a very quiet, secret cove, where crystal-clear water laps against the boulders. The only drawback is that swimming here is slightly dangerous.

3) Plage du Cabonnais - More... hidden

It's not easy to access this little place, tucked away near Mesquer (44) and unknown to most tourists... There's no car park within view, so take the little Cabonnais path to get there. Once you've arrived, you're sheltered from the surrounding hustle and bustle by pine trees and small cliffs. But be careful, swimming is unsupervised.

4) Plage du Petit Sochard - More... relaxing

A peaceful haven! Nestled away in Saint-Jean-de-Monts (85), this little wonder flanked by paths and pretty dunes of fine sand remains unfairly ignored by tourists... All the better for you, as you'll be able to enjoy the tranquillity of its wild setting, which can be accessed in a few minutes' walk. Unsupervised swimming.

5) Plage de l’île des Evens - More... insular

Off the coast of La Baule (44) calmly bobs a tiny triangle of land that even most locals don't know about! Accessible by boat, the micro-island reveals a little beach next to the ruins of a bar/restaurant that was open in the 60s. There is an incredible view of the bay.