4 nautical activities to put the wind in your hair!

4 outstanding nautical activities - La Baule - Atlantic Coast, France


Have you always dreamed of putting on a superhero costume? This invention lets you stand above the waves for a few minutes. The boldest will make figures, for example by diving into the water like a dolphin. The principal is simple: you climb onto a board attached to a turbine that, by producing a powerful jet of water, propels you a few metres into the air.

Try it at Atlantic Jet Évasion, for example, in La Baule-Escoublac (44)

Le Giant Sup

You've heard of stand-up paddle boarding, now it's time for giant stand-up paddle boarding! On a much bigger, 5-metre-long and 2-metre-wide pneumatic board, boarders paddle, joyfully battling with the waves as they surge forward. It's basically sea rafting, with the option of kneeling on the board, which can carry up to ten people.

Try it at Éole Voile, for example, in Pornichet (44), or Wave School in La Tranche-sur-Mer (85)


You've heard of kitesurfing, now it's time for kitefoiling. It is practised on a similar-sized board with a wing attached to it which, once the user has set off, allows them to really take off with the feeling of flying above the water! Accessible to experienced kitesurfers, who can reach up to 55 km/h here, this sport is also open to beginners, who can remove the sail and be pulled by a boat.

Try it at GlissEvolution, for example, in Pornichet (44), or Maximum Glisse in La Barre-de-Monts

Polynesian dugouts

In the Vendée and the Loire-Atlantique, various places invite visitors to try out the famous va'a, or Polynesian dugouts with balance poles. The sport is practised as a group, with each person assigned a role as they board. They can then opt for a gentle ride along the coastline, or enjoy the sensation of sliding over the waves!

Try it at Caval Kayak, for example, on the Île d'Yeu (85), or Canoë Kayak Presqu'île Côte d'Amour, in Pornichet (44)

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On the Loire-Atlantique and Vendée coasts, try out new skills for new thrills, with a few unusual activities thrown in. Here's a little sporting getaway in pictures...

You're already heard of windsurfing, catamarans, sea kayaks and even kitesurfing. Well, there are also some quite amazing new activities alongside these essential ones. Even less well-known to the public, they are nevertheless very popular among those in the know.

The words Flyboarding, Giant Sup and kitefoiling may well seem obscure to you, while sea scooters and Polynesian dugouts may be a little more familiar... In any case, all these activities has a common promise: to help you collect memorable experiences and memories. All you need to do is get in the water!

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