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Route des vins du fief de Mareuil "Le Patrimoine"

On the Routes des Vins, this 35km wine-tourism circuit by car takes in vineyards, wine-tasting and small villages. The Mareuil region and its AOC wines are yours to discover. So hit the road!

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Presentation of: Route des vins du fief de Mareuil "Le Patrimoine"

35 km to explore at your own pace in the Mareuil region and its AOC wines, with its vineyards, panoramic views and fascinating encounters. Along the way, enjoy a spot of fishing on the Marillet dam, stroll through charming villages or knock on shopkeepers' doors and sample our local produce: brioche, Vendée ham...
Type of routes/Nature of route
Tourist route##Greenway
Departure town
Arrival town
35 Km
Means of transport
Road, duration: 2h
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Access map, location
SNCF train station: 13,5 Km
Sea side: 28 Km
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