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La Pointe du Castelli

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Presentation of: La Pointe du Castelli

Half of this circuit will take you along the coast…your senses will be filled by the amazing diversity of sights, sounds and smells associated with a stroll along the shoreline.
Marvel at the ever changing landscape which unfolds before you from the jagged cliffs and unusually shaped rocks to the beaches with their fine golden sand. Listen as the call of the seagulls is lost to the percussion of the halyards in the marina. Finish off this stroll in the invigorating sea breeze by wandering along the narrow streets of Piriac where the granite houses bear witness still to the rich past of our quaint and picturesque village, our ‘Petite Cité de Caractère’.

This circuit to be done on foot is 10km long. Starting point at ‘la Place Saint-Michel, close to the Tourist Office.
Find out more: Tourist Office Piriac-sur-Mer

To be seen ALONG THE WAY:

Heritage : Piriac-sur-Mer, ‘Petite Cité de Caractère’

Landscape : rocky, rugged coastline.

Panoramic view : La pointe du Castelli


And of course..the marina.

Point 1 – Starting point
You will set out from the beach of Saint-Michel, the ultimate family friendly beach for the circuit which follows the coast line.

Point 2 – The circuit ‘Pointe du Castelli’
Starting out from the port of Lérat stroll along ‘La côte sauvage’ – the wild coast!
Along the way don’t forget to stop off to see the mysterious rock known as the tomb of Almanzor. Legend would have us believe that it contains the remains the Lord of Lauvergnac called Almanzor. On his return journey home after a crusade on the by the side Saint Louis it is said that his ship ran aground on the reef after a violent storm and sank. The rock fell asunder to gather up the body of the valiant warrior laid at rest there by the waves.

Point 3 – The village of Piriac - Circuit Pointe du Castelli
At the end of the path along the ‘côte sauvage’ wander around the maze of narrow street of Piriac this ‘petite cité de caractère’ and stop of at ‘la Maison du Patrimoine’.
Make the most of your arrival at your destination to enjoy a drink on the terraces of the quayside and to admire the sailing ships as they come back into the marina…
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Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
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10 Km
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