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Circuit d'Arthon a La Sicaudais

Go visit the countryside and the picturesque village of La Sicaudais. Walk through fields and undergrowth. You will pass near the Eco-center, a place for processing and recycling local waste.

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Presentation of: Circuit d'Arthon a La Sicaudais

Connect the 2 villages, from Arthon-en-Retz to La Sicaudais, through green country lanes and picturesque villages. Discover the brick kilns and hangars-dryers of the hamlets of La Feuillardais and Le Poirier, still famous at the start of the 20th century for building houses in the South-Loire.

A longer version (see map above) adds a link to Arthon-en-Retz to the south of the short version shown on the sheet.

The hiking sheets can be downloaded from our site or at your disposal in the Tourist Information Offices.
Type of routes/Nature of route
Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Departure town
Aire de pique-nique du plan d’eau de la Sicaudais
Arrival town
Aire de pique-nique du plan d’eau de la Sicaudais
10,4 Km
Means of transport
Walking, difficulty level: Easy
Cyclotourist, difficulty level: Easy, duration: 2h
Mélanie Chaigneau
Mélanie Chaigneau

Other: A pied



It's a pretty sunken path lined with trees and shrubs, a haven for dragonflies, birds, flowers and insects.