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At the edge of the Divatte, the bell tower in the crosshairs

Address :


From the car park, turn left along the main road and turn right to the street Châterie, then left White Willow Street and left again on Chestnut Street. Down the street, take the small alley between two houses. Go along the grassy area along the departmental, cross the small bridge. Go around the meadow and then go left into a small hollow way. Get out of the way and go into the village and on the road to the right as you continue on approximately 1.6 Km. At Calvary, turn right in a way. Cross the road and continue on the track. At the goose leg, veer to your left. Take the path along the meadow, cross a small bridge and turn right slightly. Walk along the Divatte, leave the ruins on your left and turn right to cross the bridge over the Divatte. Turn immediately right along the fence between Divatte and meadows. After the closing, go back left in the landscaped hillside. Top of the hill, walk along between the fence and the hedge. Continue in a shady path and turn right and then back out to the left to reach the village of Sartinière. In the village, turn right next to buildings. Walk along a field, cross a small bridge and go up to the left along the fence and find a path that you follow up the road. Cross it and continue in the face, then turn right on a path, then a road. Cross the county and continue to face on the way back out and then left on a small road. Pass the village Coupaudière, turn right, past the zoo, cross the road and continue straight towards the Tuileries. 300 meters after the village, take the path on your right. Down the road, turn left on the road and immediately right on a path. Turn left into the subdivision and continue the footpath along the houses. Turn left still on the same path between the houses. Go to the stream and then turn right onto the road and cross it and continue to face on the way. Turn right and the crow's feet, veer slightly left. Turn right before the gates to regain the road, cross it out at the small plot. Take the path at checkpoints. Continue on the trail, leave on your left the bridge and continue to the parking start
Type of routes/Nature of route
Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Departure town
Arrival town
10 Km
Means of transport
Walking, duration: 2h30min
Colour of tag
Type of road surfacing
70% on dirt road

Other: A pied



Opposite the town hall, take the street on the right, veer slightly left and immediately right at the small plot.